I just gave up coffee. Half of you are thinking “big deal” and the other half, the Seattleites that share my passion for Starbucks liken me to a lunatic of sorts. I suppose for the inaugural mind jot of my new blog this intro is appropriate.

I couldn’t give up the hot Vanilla Latte, Double Tall Americano, or Venti Frappuchino cold turkey though. I had to find a replacement… something to feed this internal desire to activate myself. My replacement so far has been Green Tea. For one it has spared my wallet and for two it has diluted my bodily toxins with vats of herbal goodness. Shall I even go as far to say that, “The best part of waking up is Tazo in a cup?”

Life follows this pattern at times doesn’t it? You make sacrifices, take risks, and although you don’t see an immediate benefit you have the faith to know that somewhere in the future there will be a pay-off.

New jobs, promotions, a company IPO, selling your social-media site to Google for $1 billion and the list goes on. As I drink my Green Tea my heart still remembers Starbucks: long lines, overpriced coffee and all, but I know that there is a pay-off coming to me in the long run. A thicker wallet, a sleeker physique, and a yuppie tea-drinking existence.

Take the plunge. The ride might get bumpy… very bumpy… but at the end of the rainbow there’s a pot ‘o gold calling your name.