I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and have traveled the country during my short lived military stint. I wish I could taken a photo of the expressions on individual’s faces when they hear where I’m from. Here’s an idea of the typical conversation that I would probably have with somebody from another state who has never actually experienced the beauty of the Pacific Northwest:

Skeptic: Oh… so like, Seattle. Rain and stuff.
Me: Yeah but I enjoy the rain. New York actually has more annual rainfall than Seattle. On a typical day you might see an overcast and some light rainfall.
Skeptic: Ahhhh (followed by a mysteriously awkward smirk).

The thing is, I’m comfortable with Seattle’s rain and I’ve become so accustomed to it that every time it rains I feel warm and tingly inside. Last week there was an anomaly with the Earth’s atmosphere and our weather ranged from 80-90 degrees throughout the week. Needless to say misery engulfed my very being.

And you know what? I say go with it even though others may not agree or understand where you’re coming from at first. Sun junkies from Arizona acclimated to 110 degree weather with globs of SPF-50 permeating their bodies have their niche too.

I think that in business we tend to want to see what the next great thought leader is doing even though it might not align with what we were meant to do. My assignment is technology marketing and I feel comfortable with it… I excel at it (no pun intended for all of you Microsoft enthusiasts). I’m also comfortable with Seattle’s rain… smirk all you want. I say nab your niche and stick to it unless you completely suck at it… then odds are you’re not where you need to be.

Everybody was designed to take their own path. Nobody else can walk the road that was strategically crafted for you to travel. Remember that! May you find your own destiny rather than look for someone else’s in Wall Street Journal or Fortune Magazine. You’ll go a lot farther and actually find fulfillment in what you do.