In my journey toward technological stardom I have narrowed my search down to the top 3 mammoth corporations that most closely align with my career goals:

Microsoft, Google, and undoubtedly Apple.

All 3 companies have great training opportunities and pro’s and con’s to each. In my quest to determine where I want to be I did some solid footwork and here are some of the results that I came up with.

Microsoft. Archenemy of all that is open source with the exception of Novell. Microsoft would be my most logical selection. My heart is in the Pacific Northwest already so the transition to Redmond, WA (the primary Microsoft campus) would be painless. Not to mention the regional power that the company possesses. I’m not completely sold on making this transition though? Microsoft is so big that you can get lost at their world-class cafeteria. They have so many resources that I question whether or not their innovative processes are really scalable anymore? I suppose only time will tell.

Google. Archenemy of all that is Microsoft. From a marketing perspective I think that Google is my number one pick. They actually pay attention to what their consumers want and need and create products around this. They embrace the world of open source and make billions upon billions in the process. If I could use one word to describe their company it would definitely be “innovation.” The only con is that their headquarters is in Mountain View, CA. They have a Kirkland, WA campus but marketing functions are currently limited to Program Managers to the best of my knowledge. Start a Product Marketing position in the Emerald City and I’m sold.

Apple. The archenemy of ehh… nobody? Everyone loves Apple. I almost want to get a job as a Mac Genius in their retail stores just for the rights to token the phrase, “Yeah I was just over at the Apple headquarters eating an organic Egg McMuffin with Steve Jobs.” As far as the marketing function of the company, they are centralized in California as well. Not a great place to raise my kids in comparison to Washington.

My primary objective is to build relationships, network with industry leaders, and learn how to be the best Technology Marketing Professional that I can be (I was in the Air Force, not the Army). Afterwards unleashing a start-up on the world would be the next logical step. I suppose there’s not a definite answer to the question posed. All 3 behemoths are special in their own way and you’re left to question which company offers the best opportunity for personal growth?