I had lunch today with an old friend of mine in regards to the implications of “who you know” in business and church. With that said I pose the question, where is the line between networking in business, church, and friendships?

There is a definite gray area in this answer. At work and in the business realms I go out of my way to establish relationships with individuals that I can see myself working with in the future. It is definitely a mutual process where you give when you have the chance and when the opportunity arises, take advantage of the benefits of the relationships. Being a member of a larger church has so many benefits that if I were to start naming them all off it would take forever. The people you meet through this organization will probably be the most important people in your network that you will ever meet. You will also run into acquaintances and friends that meet the social needs in your life. Each of them have their own perks:

Business Network
Meets Your Monetary Needs (Work Related)

Meets Your Social Needs

Church Community
Highest Importance – Meets Your Spiritual Needs

I have found that the Church Community is so important that it typically bleeds into friendships, relationships, and business as well. If I could choose one set of people to network with it would be individuals at my church sheerly because they have the same vision & the same passion as I do. I read a book Never Eat Alone, learned about the importance of networking, and almost immediately applied the concepts into meeting people at church. It’s not all book knowledge though… I prayed that God would intertwine me with men and women that can act as my spiritual leaders and mentors in life. I have come to the conclusion that God is at the top of my LinkedIn, Facebook, and WordPress Blog. He has brought me to meet the people I needed to meet and I can list 101 reasons why you should do everything you can to implement God into your network – but I’ll save that for another day.