As I stare at an image of a child at the brink of death something inside me… an inexpressible stirring of pain and anguish was ignited. Perhaps it is because this child is the age of my youngest son. Maybe It’s because I somehow feel called to leave a legacy during my short lifespan to prevent similar atrocities from occurring. Even changing the life of one child would make all the difference to me.

I ask God, “Why Lord?” as tears drip onto my watch. The irony is that the $100 I spent on my watch could have easily fed an entire family for more than a year. What am I doing about this?

A $2 million dollar house on the lake, a $100,000 BMW, $200 designer jeans, and a $5,000 Breitling watch… and for what? I can’t do it. I refuse to… not like this.

I keep this picture as a reminder to myself. A reminder of the blessed life that my family and I have. A reminder that Capitalism can be used for philanthropy. A reminder that I am only a mere dot in the big scheme of things… but that If I fulfill my calling then my life has the potential to cause a ripple effect dramatically altering the lives of millions of people.

This is what I live for.