There’s this feeling deep inside my spirit that I know can never be quenched fully. It’s very difficult to express but I would say it’s somewhere between a feeling of emptiness and a longing of apocalyptic proportions. It is my desire to win souls for Christ. I’ve always smirked at that coined phrase, “Winning souls.” As if they’re some sort of prize. Then I realize that there is a very real war going on between good and evil. When you pluck an individual from the clutches of hell there’s a reason to celebrate… because that is one less person living in eternal torment. One more disciple can mean a hundred, even a thousand for the kingdom. I’ve always been good at multiplication and the ripple effect holds true when you’re the real deal… a no holds bar type disciple. What does it take to satisfy this urge within me? My heart wrenches over the unexplainable tragedies in this world; poverty, disease, famine, war, etc.

I see a savior above a barren land with His hands coupled over every circumstance, every heartache, everything evil in this world, as if to say, “I have everything under control.” I believe in a just God who cares about every intricate detail right down to the hairs on our head. I believe in this so passionately that I am willing to bank my life on it. A God who lives. A God who died for me. A God who heals, covers, protects, and fights for my sake. A God who loves those who hate Him. A God who forgives those that sin against Him. A God beyond measure. Beyond human comprehension.

While the desire flickers in the storm, deep down inside of me lies embers that can never be extinguished. The flame becomes an inferno. The inferno sets the world on fire. Let it burn.