As I pursue the development of my character I am reminded of a common practice in the Air Force called a “FOD Walk.” Airports around the world commonly use this term which is their way of saying, “Alright everyone, time to pick up trash.” FOD stands for Foreign Object Damage. In this case, everybody lines up side by side and walks up and down the flight line slowly looking for the smallest rocks or debris (as even a microscopic object has the potential to damage a multi-million dollar jet).

When you are born again by the blood of Jesus He comes and does a remodel of your home. When I gauge where I am at I see that God has cleaned up the obvious issues in my life: lust, partying, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. but it’s the little things that I am worried about that are a lot more subtle and less obvious… the microscopic things like gossip, white lies, bitterness, or littering. I stare down the proverbial flight line of my life and although the obvious obstacles have been removed it is a continual process of combing my life to ensure that the little things don’t destroy me. In the Air Force the only things that are guaranteed are the FOD walk, death, and taxes.

See… allowing the smallest hint of impurity has the potential to destroy the temple that God is building in you. A rotten egg spoils the bunch, a flaw in a diamond decreases its value, and the stray rock destroys the aircraft. I see these issues continually coming out of nowhere and it is a process of cleaning it up one rock at a time. The process never stops. Do yourself a favor and perform a couple FOD walks in your life. You might be surprised what you find. Sure, it sucks and it takes a lot of time and energy but in the end it might just save your life.